Nutritional Information

The foods we eat can provide us with the basic vitamins and minerals, essential for a healthy body. The following is a list of vitamins and their sources. Underlined are the products that The Nut Man can offer.

Vitamin A

Helps maintain healthy eyes, skin, hair, mucous,membranes.

Sources- Fish liver oils, kidney, beta carotene as in dark green leafy vegetables, and yellow/orange fruits and vegetables

Vitamin B2

Helps maintain normal health of the eyes, skin, nails and hair.

Sources- Avocado, milk and dairy products, organ meats, yeast.

Vitamin B6
Helps maintain the normal health of the nervous system.

Sources- Brewer’s Yeast, oatmeal, offal, legumes, egg yolk.

Helps maintain the normal function of the liver, nervous system, hair and skin.

Sources- Citrus fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes.

Vitamin E
An antioxidant that helps maintain the integrity of body cells. Maintains healthy circulation and muscle function, including the heart.

Sources- Beef, corn, almonds, egg yolk, nuts, sunflower seeds, wheat germ.

Assists the body’s utilisation of sugar. Helps transfer glucose from the blood to the cells.

Sources- Oysters, egg yolk, peanuts, grape juice, cheese, wheat, yeast.

Helps maintain healthy muscles, arteries and bones. Assists the normal health and function of the heart, muscles and nervous system. A catalyst in energy production.

Sources- Almonds, cashews, soya beans, parsnips, whole grain cereals, Brewer’s Yeast.

Assists the normal function of the nervous system, helps maintain correct acid/alkaline balance in blood and tissues.

Sources- All vegetables, citrus fruit, apricots, banana, potato, nuts, sardines, avocado.

Helps maintain normal reproduction, healthy immune function, healthy skin.

Helps maintain the normal function of male glands including the prostate.

Sources- Oysters, herring, beef, liver, sunflower and pumpkin seeds(pepitas), milk, ginger.

Vitamin B1
Helps maintain the normal health of the heart, brain, nervous system. Helps maintain normal red blood cell levels.

Sources- Whole rains, wheat germ, nuts, liver, legumes

Vitamin B5
Helps maintain the normal health of the nervous system, circulatory system. Needed for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, energy production

Sources- almonds, salmon, chicken, sardines, peanuts, eggs.

Vitamin B12
Helps maintain normal blood.

Sources- Liver, kidney, brain, meat, egg yolk, synthesised by ‘friendly’ internal bacteria.

Choline Bitartrate
Helps maintain the normal health of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Sources- Grains, legumes, egg yolks, whole grains, liver, soy.

Vitamin C
Helps maintain a healthy immune system. Used in the production of collagen. Helps maintain healthy bones, cartilage and teeth.

Sources- Citrus fruit, peppers, raw cabbage, pineapple, potatoes, parsley, rose hips.

Helps maintain strong healthy bones and teeth. Aids normal heart action. Assists normal health of muscles and nervous system.

Women need more calcium when lactating and to prevent osteoporosis.

Sources- Dairy products, almonds, sardines, egg yolk, soya beans, molasses.

Carries oxygen to the body cells via the blood.

Important for women during menstruations

Sources- Liver, oysters, kelp, pumpkin seeds(pepitas), molasses, beef.

Assists the normal health of the nervous system. Assists normal co-ordination between the brain, nerves and muscles.

Sources- Sunflower seeds, coconuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, corn, olives.

Helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

Sources- Horsetail plant, oats, whole grain cereals, barley, root vegetables.